Saturday, July 24, 2010

Taylor says in an interview he wants a girl like Kristen Stewart.

Taylor Lautner may have thousands of willing girls to choose from, but he says his dream girl would be more like Kristen Stewart. Uh oh, watch out Robert Pattinson!

Taylor Lautner has turned into one of the hottest teen heart throbs on the planet, but don’t expect him to settle down with a model type. Even though girls all over the world literally throw themselves at him, Taylor says he’s interested in a more ordinary type of girl.

He dished to Now Magazine about his preference in women, and said he’s attracted to “plain” girls like Kristen Stewart. “She’s just this plain girl, which sometimes, I know for me, is attractive…She’s just an average girl, she’s clumsy, but I think she’s good looking, so I don’t know…she just has this thing about her.” How sweet! Taylor has previously said he wants to find a girl he can talk to and be open with. He sounds like a real romantic.

Well that sucks for Taylor, since Kristens already taken and all. Oh well. Im sure there are alot of "plain" girls out there, of course no ones as good as Kristen but shes Robs lady.

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